Laxmi Vilas Palace Vadodara: A Comprehensive Guide to India’s Iconic Historical Palace

Laxmi Vilas Palace Vadodara, Gujarat, is a historical palace that stands tall as a testament to the rich history and culture of the region.

Built by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III in 1890, the palace has a unique blend of Indian and European architectural styles, making it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in India.

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Laxmi Vilas Palace Vadodara – Comprehensive Guide

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you plan your visit to Laxmi Vilas Palace:

1. Getting There

The Laxmi Vilas Palace is situated in the heart of Vadodara city and is easily accessible from anywhere in the city.

The palace is approximately 6 km away from the Vadodara Airport and 3 km from the Vadodara railway station.

Visitors can either take a taxi, auto-rickshaw or a bus to reach the palace.

By Road: NH8 passes through Baroda, making it well connected by road as well.

By Train: The city lies on the busy Mumbai-Delhi Western Railway Mainline and is well connected by premium trains like Shatabdi and Rajdhani.

By Air: Domestic flights connect Vadodara (BDQ) to major cities in India.

2. Visiting Hours

The palace is open to visitors from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm every day, including Sundays and public holidays.

The museum remains closed on Thursdays, so make sure to plan your visit accordingly.

3. Entry Fees

The entry fee for Indian nationals is INR 250 per person, and for foreign nationals, it is INR 1000 per person.

Children below the age of 10 can enter for free.

The museum also offers a separate fee for photography and videography, and visitors can purchase tickets for the same at the entrance.

4. Museum Tour

Once inside the palace, visitors can take a tour of the museum, which is spread across several rooms and galleries.

The museum houses a vast collection of art, sculpture, and weaponry, which belonged to the royal family of Baroda.

Visitors can also explore the palace’s different rooms, each one beautifully decorated with a unique design.

Laxmi Vilas Palace Vadodara
Laxmi Vilas Palace Vadodara

5. Vintage Cars Collection

Laxmi Vilas Palace Vadodara - Vintage Cars Collection
Laxmi Vilas Palace Vadodara – Vintage Cars Collection

One of the most significant attractions of the Laxmi Vilas Palace is the vintage car collection.

The palace houses a range of vintage cars and other vehicles, including a 1934 Rolls Royce Phantom, a 1910 Napier, and a 1935 Mercedes Benz.

Car enthusiasts and history buffs will enjoy this section of the museum.

6. Palace Gardens

The palace gardens are a beautiful addition to the already grand palace.

Visitors can stroll through the different gardens and admire the flowers, trees, and fountains.

The gardens are perfect for a picnic or a leisurely walk.

7. Sound and Light Show

Visitors can also enjoy a sound and light show that takes place every evening at the palace.

The show tells the story of the palace’s history and the Baroda dynasty’s contributions to the region’s culture and heritage.

8. Restaurants and Cafes

There are several restaurants and cafes inside the palace complex where visitors can grab a bite to eat.

The cafes offer a range of snacks and beverages, and the restaurants serve both Indian and continental cuisine.

9. Accommodation

Visitors can also choose to stay at the palace’s heritage hotel, which offers luxurious rooms and suites.

The hotel has all modern amenities, including a swimming pool, fitness center, and spa.

Staying at the heritage hotel is an excellent option for those who want to experience the grandeur of the palace fully.

10. Nearby Attractions

The Laxmi Vilas Palace is surrounded by several other tourist attractions, including the Sayaji Baug Zoo and Garden, Kirti Mandir, EME Temple, and the Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum.

Visitors can plan their itinerary accordingly and explore these attractions as well.

Kirti Mandir -  Nearby Attractions of Laxmi Vilas Palace Vadodara

Kirti Mandir – Nearby Attraction of Laxmi Vilas Palace Vadodara

Some additional tips and information

To make the most of your visit, here are some additional tips and information:

  • The palace can get crowded during peak tourist season, so plan your visit accordingly.

  • Visitors should dress modestly and avoid revealing clothing.

  • Photography is allowed inside the palace but not in certain sections of the museum. Visitors should check before taking any pictures.

  • The palace is wheelchair accessible, and visitors with special needs can request assistance at the entrance.

  • Visitors can purchase souvenirs and gifts at the palace’s gift shop.

  • The palace hosts several cultural events and festivals throughout the year. Visitors can check the schedule and plan their visit accordingly.

With its rich history, stunning architecture, and beautiful gardens, the Laxmi Vilas Palace is a destination that should not be missed. So plan your visit today and experience the grandeur of one of India’s most iconic palaces.


In conclusion, Laxmi Vilas Palace Vadodara is a truly magnificent destination that offers visitors a glimpse into India’s rich history and architectural heritage.

With its stunning blend of Indian and European architecture, vintage car collection, museum, and beautiful gardens, the palace has something to offer everyone.

The sound and light show is a must-see experience that brings the palace’s history to life, and visitors can even stay at the palace’s luxurious heritage hotel.

So if you are planning a trip to India, make sure to include Laxmi Vilas Palace in Vadodara on your itinerary and experience the grandeur of one of India’s most iconic historical landmarks.

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